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Plot Bunny from Hell

Billy Mack
There is a Leverage/Harry Potter (with a little bit of Angel thrown in for good measure) crossover fic that is gestating in my brain whether I want it to or not. Anybody got any suggestions for getting rid of the bastard? *grumbles*

I'm confused...

The Lady of Shalott
OK, fandom people....why the everloving fuck was Steve Carlson at the Oscars? Or at least some Oscar afterparty? Also, the man gets more gross every time I see pictures. He looks like he needs to be bathed and deloused.

Okay, so...

Gilly Witch
Am I the only one who thinks that uploading cooking videos to youtube is kind of a douchey thing for Steve to do since Christian was all excited a few months ago about doing an online cooking show himself? I mean, I'm not disputing Steve's right to put whatever he wants to on his youtube account, but if one of my close friends was all excited about a project, I wouldn't go and rip it off. I'm not saying there was malicious intent or anything. I just think the behavior is a bit questionable.


Flying Monkeys
I think every fandom on the planet has decided to go batshit today. I may go into hiding.
I think I'm in love with a fictional character. His name is Daryl Dixon and he shoots zombies. *facepalm* This is, of course, in addition to my Eliot Spencer love.

General annoyance

Flying Monkeys
What is up with all the truly fucktarded comment_fic themes for the last two weeks? Well, not JUST the last two weeks, but it seems to be getting worse.

Do any of you guys do icons?

midnight margaritas
Because I am in need of a particular (somewhat lewd) icon. Namely, I want an icon of Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike... in one of his Big Dick Richie outfits, that says "I Love Big Dick". Hey, he was hot. Don't judge. LOL
midnight margaritas
...just a random observation. I think it's hilarious that the Kane fandom crazies are bitching about Kane fandom crazies.

The Avengers...

the aunts
Was completely badass! Fabulous movie. And there's tons of eye candy. I may have to go see it again!

Bedroom Meme

Gilly Witch
Stolen from violet_eyes

1. What's on your door? Um....white paint?

2. What's under your bed? An ungodly number of shoes

3. What's interesting in your bedside table? deck of tarot cards, book of hexes if I haven't moved it.

4. Do you have something under your pillow? nope

5. Do you have something interesting on your walls? Gillian Welch concert promo posters, Lord of the Rings poster, Monet and Van Gogh prints, canvas print of a raven, advertisement for some form of alcohol with a green demon on it

6. Do you have a TV/computer in your room? I have a TV in my room. It's neither plugged up or hooked to the cable. I couldn't be bothered when I redid everything.

7. Do you have shelves? What's on them? I have lots of shelves. Books, my hourglass collection, jars of herbs, resins, etc., jar of black salt, crap ton of crystals, candles, more tarot cards, scrying mirror, crystal ball that I don't use because every time I pick it up it falls on my toe.